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Storing Dinner Candles

Dinner candles are quite handsome and very pretty to use during special occasions such as dates, family gatherings or seasonal dinners. Although, once they have been used and cleaned up, it is important that they be stored properly so that they can be used again.

When you buy candles, it is ideal to keep the original packaging so that you may store them when they are not in use. Although, if you do not have the original packaging, try these important tips.
Wrap each candle up in some white tissue paper (be sure the candle has completely cooled and is free of any hot wax). Then put it in a sealed plastic storage bag. If your candles are scented, storing them in a sealed bag will also help them keep their original scent.

Once you have wrapped and sealed dinner candles, be sure to place them somewhere so that they can lie flat. If they are tube shaped candles, be sure to put them in an area where they will not bend or get broken. Do not sit anything heavy or warm on top of them. Ideal to place dinner candles is in a drawer where they won't have any chance of anything falling on them.
The area that you have chosen to store the candles has to be dark. If candles are placed in the sun, it is possible that their colors could fade. You do not want any place that has excess moisture or excessive heat. Be sure that the dinner candles are in a place where they will not melt. Do not place them near furnace registers, heating elements or any other objects or appliances that will get hot. An ideal temperature to store candles at is no higher than 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you own special sets of candles, it is important they you follow these tips to store them. Candles can last for awhile and be used over and over again for a variety of occasions. With proper care and storage, you will decrease any chances of having to buy brand new dinner candles for every occasion that you will be using them.

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