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    Candle Decorating Tips For the Home

    Candles have been put to good use within homes for many centuries. Initially, they were used only to provide light, and no thought was given to their look or scent. Once electricity began being used widely, the use of candles changed. However, they certainly did not disappear fro ... Read more

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    History of Candle Making

    No one person is credited for the invention of the candle. This is because candles were created on an independent basis, by people in many different countries.The first candles were made of beeswax. We know this because they have been found during excavations of ancient Egypt and ... Read more

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    A Gift of Scented Candle

    Scented candles are for you if you’re the type of person that likes romantic dinners by candlelight or you enjoy quiet reading time in your chair. ... Read more

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    Creating Soy Candles

    When I discovered soy candles, I saw how easy it was for anyone with the energy and time to complete the project. ... Read more

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    Fragranced Pillar Candles

    Just about every room in the home can benefit from fragranced pillar candles. They are suitable for mantles, coffee tables, and dining room tables. ... Read more

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    Votive Candles

    Votives are arguably the most popular type or candle. Their small and dainty structure allows them to fit into just about any candleholder. ... Read more

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    Gold Canyon Candles

    The purpose of Gold Canyon candles is to bring a unique ambiance to every room in the home. ... Read more

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    Highly Scented Candles

    The intention of highly scented candles that use fragrance oils is to scent the air of the surrounding room. ... Read more